Estate Necklaces

Estate jewelry refers to previously owned pieces, regardless of their age, although most estate jewelry can be categorized based as their periods :

Victorian Jewelry Period (1836 – 1901): follows the reign of Queen Victoria in Great Britain from 1836 to 1901.
Art Nouveau Jewelry Period (1890 – 1919)
Edwardian Jewelry Period (1901 – 1920)
Art Deco Jewelry Period (1920 – 1935)
Retro Jewelry Period (c1935 – 1950)

Estate Jewelry is typically at least 100 years old. Fine antique jewelry is generally made of either yellow gold or platinum, depending of their periods.

Our collections come from trusts, but most fine pre-owned pieces come from the family members that inherited them or original owners.

Please enjoy our collection of treasures and good luck finding your own!