Edgy and Weightless!

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Delightfully Edgy weightless hand carved Ebony Heartwood diamond shaped earrings set on a 14k gold chain and hook.

This delicate piece, adds a unique balance of classic and modern chic to any look with their elegant dangling fashionable style.

Available in 3 colors: Yellow, White and Rose gold

*Due to the natural nature of wood & each piece being handmade, please expect some variations*


Even perfect for therapeutic use!

Essential Oils absorb well into Ebony wood & diffuse for a very long time

Suggested infusion: Peppermint, lavender, and/or lemon.

Directions: Add 1-2 Drops Of Your Favorite Essential Oil & Let It Absorb. Enjoy The Topical And Aromatic Benefits For 1-2 Days.

Ebony wood is traditionally linked with a symbol of balance, power and purity. It is a note of Spiritual and Medicinal purposes, in which it is known as a magnetic energy, wherein it is distinguished as one of the most powerful, influential, yet protective types of wo0d: likely, due to its dark color.

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Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold


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