Sweetheart – Lava Pendant Necklace with Heart Clasp


A piece for your special one!

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Charming and meaningfully designed with two untreated virgin lava stones that fall delicately at the Nape of the Neck, perfectly designed for therapeutic use. The front features a heart clasp and light, yet dazzling 14k yellow gold-chain centered with an organic virgin lava pendant.

This Lava pendant piece captures the essence of modern jewelry.  Our signature Piece 

Available upon request in White, and Rose Gold and/or 18k Gold


Even perfect for therapeutic use! Just infuse the virgin lava with your favorite essential oil for an added glowing experience.

Essential Oils absorb well into Lava stone & diffuse for a very long time

Suggested infusion: Blue Tansey, Lemon, Jasmine, Blue Cypress.

Directions: Add 1-2 Drops Of Your Favorite Essential Oil & Let It Absorb. Enjoy The Topical And Aromatic Benefits For 1-2 Days.

Lava stones originate from the earth’s core, in which it becomes charcoal in appearance, hence allowing the ability to apply essential oils for aromatherapy. Mostly known as basalt where can be found in the ocean. Lava is a grounding stone derived from raw energy, in which it provides stability through periods of change, as well as  protection, strength, and fertility; therefore, allowing the stone to alleviate anger, provide guidance and understanding.

A stone of rebirth; shed unwanted layers of emotional attachment. 


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